Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A new dress

Wow, no posts in a month? I suck.

No, I'm just busy. For one, I started a new job. A good job! I'm a designer now for a home magazine here in town. I'm so much happier here already than I have been at any other of my jobs here in Vegas. It feels like the job I was destined for, and has given me a sense of content-ness (if that's a word).

My latest creation is a dress made from a) a jersey remnant I found at Joann, and b) an old R.E.M. t-shirt my friend Joe had given me. The results came out really well, but I haven't worn it yet! I'm trying to figure out whether it's work appropriate. For my job, it probably would be.

I used Simplicity 2942. It's a Project Runway pattern, designed for juniors, and I went by my bust measurement to figure out the sizing. That's really the only part that needs to fit, the rest is loose and flowy. The pattern is pretty easy to follow, too. Other PR patterns I've seen have seemed harder to follow because of how many different elements are included but this went together very smoothly. The hardest part was deciding which parts of the t-shirt would be best for the different pattern pieces.

Closeup of the bodice: