Sunday, November 25, 2007

My knits. My knits my knits my knits.

V-Neck Pullover, Fitted Knits: Slowly making my way through the 10 inches of waist ribbing. Ughh shoot me know. But it's pretty, and I actually enjoy knitting with Vanna's Choice. When (if!) I bust my stash, I think I'll want to buy every color for striped hats, scarves, etc. Also, the pattern is pretty fantastic.

Big Blue Beret: Finished! Also, I'm wearing it right now. Actually I kind of haven't taken it off of my head since I finished it Tuesday night, but since George took my PowerShot to Las Vegas with him, photographing myself wearing it with my Rebel is kind of hard :/ I am in love with this hat. Great pattern! Oh, and I used yarn from my stash - I think both colors were Wool Ease.

Knucks: nearly complete. Just a bit more thumb shaping, then it is onto the cuff of the 2nd glove. I'm saying a prayer that I don't run out of yarn first. I really can't decide whether I like knitting gloves from the fingers down or vice versa. One thing I do have an opinion on is Rowan Tapestry - it kinda sucks to knit with but looks and feels so pretty, so it is kind of worth it in the end. I keep putting this project back on the shelf though, since George is in Las Vegas and is not exactly begging for wool accessories right now.

Only 30 crafting days until Christmas

I had taken my normal vacation from knitting, what with the blistering summer and my newfound love of sewing, but the quick temperature change snapped me right back into it. So far, my biggest knitting-related disaster is that my Shedir has gone missing....I've searched high and low and I know it will probably turn up somewhere, but damn. That hat was kind of my pride and joy.

Anywho, I've kind of sort of decided to start my Christmas knitting. I really don't want to make 4 identical projects in different colors for my girls, as I get terribly bored with repetition and don't handle it well. So I think I'm going to do a few easy stashbusters, then do a kind of white elephant exchange where my girls can steal the gifts away from each other until everybody's happy and has something. First up, is the garter stitch scarf from Scarf Style. You know, the one knit in garter stitch with the stripes that self-fringes. Aww yeah. But I'd also like to make see mi knit's knitted bangles (one for each girl, hopefully), a singlet style shopping bag, and a heating pad from 99 Ways to Cut, Sew & Deck Out Your Denim....I think it'd be adorable to put all the goodies inside each girls' bag, and I can make most of these things with stuff I have lying around.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Blogging Again

Here I am with my very own blog. I've gotten really tired of my Myspace blog and its limited capabilities, so I'm really looking forward to getting down and dirty with my new one.

I have zillions of WIP's and I really hope to use this as motivation to finish them, which in turn will motivate me to pick up my SLR and post photos (see the trickle down effect? more productivity all around!)