Sunday, November 25, 2007

My knits. My knits my knits my knits.

V-Neck Pullover, Fitted Knits: Slowly making my way through the 10 inches of waist ribbing. Ughh shoot me know. But it's pretty, and I actually enjoy knitting with Vanna's Choice. When (if!) I bust my stash, I think I'll want to buy every color for striped hats, scarves, etc. Also, the pattern is pretty fantastic.

Big Blue Beret: Finished! Also, I'm wearing it right now. Actually I kind of haven't taken it off of my head since I finished it Tuesday night, but since George took my PowerShot to Las Vegas with him, photographing myself wearing it with my Rebel is kind of hard :/ I am in love with this hat. Great pattern! Oh, and I used yarn from my stash - I think both colors were Wool Ease.

Knucks: nearly complete. Just a bit more thumb shaping, then it is onto the cuff of the 2nd glove. I'm saying a prayer that I don't run out of yarn first. I really can't decide whether I like knitting gloves from the fingers down or vice versa. One thing I do have an opinion on is Rowan Tapestry - it kinda sucks to knit with but looks and feels so pretty, so it is kind of worth it in the end. I keep putting this project back on the shelf though, since George is in Las Vegas and is not exactly begging for wool accessories right now.

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