Saturday, March 29, 2008

So Here I Am

It has been brought to my attention by somebody who I did not know even knew about my blog that I have not blogged in a while. Oh snap.

So here we go. I've gotten all settled in here at Las Vegas. Except for my craft room. It's still boxes and garbage bags. But I hope to fix that soon so I can get down to business with my sewing projects.

I found employment my 4th day here as a designer at a printing company. The eeeety-beeety teeniest printing company ever that consists of the owner, the press man and myself. I received one week of training, and I still haven't got a lot of it down. I'll say that the owner is a pretty difficult man to work for, and has a reputation around town for that, however he is paying me more than most places would so I am taking that in stride. At least once a day I'd like to tell him where to shove it, but golly I keep reminding myself that he's the boss and since he is a swinging bachelor and also a senior citizen he loves to stay out late all nights of the week dancing and come into work very late in the morning (or early afternoon) and that makes it very bearable.

Also on my 4th day here, I joined the Sin City Rollergirls. I had a lot of anxiety about this, as their league is old freaking school and a lot of girls have been skating far longer than any girls on the Iowa league, and definitely myself. But most of the girls have been so nice, and while some of them can skate circles around me (or send me flying across the track with one of their hits), the rest are at my level or even newer. I'm not quite as fast as their jammers yet but I'm hoping to change that. I was drafted last week to a team that shall remain nameless until our May 10th bout.

And now for knitting! I knitted a whole Everlasting Bagstopper on the drive here. I started a 2nd, which I've kept in my truck and work on while I sit in traffic during my commute. The traffic here is okay usually but can get insane and sucky. And I've found myself caught with a whole bunch of random skeins of worsted weight wool blends in a desert climate, so I decided to start knitting sampler squares out of it in hopes that one day I'll have enough for an afghan. Yeah, you laugh, I'll bet.

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danidocrafty said...

Welcome to Vegas! I hope you can make it out to a knit night sometime. There's one tonight at Knit Las Vegas (a LYS) and another on Wednesday night at reJAVAnate coffee house off of Eastern and Flamingo. Glad to hear you found a job so quick, it's hard in this town sometimes.