Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My ass is on the internet now...Also, I got fired

I present to you, Mon Petit Chou:

I'm generally pretty modest (excluding when I get drunk and there is a body of water nearby), but I'm just so damn proud of these. Photographing them on a table or hanging them up or whatnot just wouldn't show how well they hug the booty, or how cute the scalloped edges look. No, they had to be worn. They triumphed over becoming another UFO in my knitting stash, where they've been for the past, um, YEAR.

And now that I've worn them around for a few hours, I will say that they will get minimal wear. I think they would be perfect in the Fall under skirts, as they're heavier than the undergarments we are all used to wearing. Or perhaps if I ever become a burlesque performer.

Which I may soon be seeking out, because as I already mentioned in the title, I did get fired yesterday. After a week of my boss sending me home for half days, and seeing the stack of poorly hidden resumes on his desk, I knew something was afoot. Plus, he was being meaner than usual. I mean, he is already a rude and mean motherfucker but he was really laying it on me. So I started being rude back. Then yesterday he told me that 'he really didn't think that I knew what I was doing' (psh please, the only thing about the position that really baffled me was HIM and his constant mood swings) and that 'I should start looking for another job'. Dick.

The truth is, he wanted a submissive woman to never question his terrible taste in fonts, color, and layout, agree with his theory that global warming is bullshit and ooh and ahh over his Hummer, buy him coffee cake at the bakery that he drives past 5 times each day himself, and call him every Monday morning and remind him to take his garbage out.

I'm over it.

Anybody know of any job openings?


mh said...

I'm just an ass on the internet, but you really put it out there!

I'll keep my ear to the ground as far as jobs go, but unfortunately it's hard to hear the vibrations from Las Vegas this far away...

It's kind of funny that all of the weird shit about your boss seems a lot more like a list of reasons it's good to be out of there and a lot less entertaining. I can't believe you put up with that as long as you had to. Good luck with the job hunt!

PrincessCutie said...

Hahaha...I think you fulfilled George's wish about combining knitting, panties, the internets, and your bootie =) But honestly, those are HOT!

I agree with "mh"...you are waaay better than that loser boss...although the story about the weekly take-out-your-trash call still makes me giggle.

I'm sure you'll find something. You're too talented to be unemployed for long =)