Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The weekend of Heidi and airports

Saturday morning I got to see my sister for the first time since February. It's funny, I've so far felt like we don't live a thousand miles apart because of how much we talk - in fact I feel that way about all of my friends and family, except for the fact that we don't hang out, which does suck, I miss having people over for dinners and booze-fueled reality TV nights.

There was so much we wanted to do in the span of a weekend. one thing both Heidi and George really wanted to see was Red Rock Canyon. We brought Bowie along, but the excitement of his new surroundings and the heat proved to be a little much for him, after 15 minutes he was literally hyperventilating so we all stayed in the Jeep after that.

That was really the only action George got in on, he spent most of his Saturday getting ready for London...which left Heidi & I to do things he wouldn't be into, like going shopping and walking the strip. We did touristy stuff like go see the Bodies Exhibit at Tropicana and Siegfried & Roy's Secret Garden at the Mirage. Can I have a dolphin? Those fuckers are so cute, I can see Bowie and a dolphin swimming around playing in my mind and it brings a tear to my eye.

So this week I'm flying solo. I took George to the airport Sunday morning, then drove Heidi to the airport Monday. I feel very well acquainted with the Las Vegas airport. Did I mention I dropped George's parents off there last Wednesday as well?

This has made me a bit of a hermit. Between the $4 gas prices, no job, and dwindling cash supply I've only been leaving the house to go get coffee and for practice. Though I do want to spend some time at the library today, and go to the Knit Las Vegas meetup tonight. I'm craving me some interaction that doesn't involve 'doggie talking' to Bowie. Oh and I hear that there's wine.

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