Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I'm Joining

Under normal circumstances, I am an AVID shopper. H&M, American Apparel, Marshall's, Target, it's all fair game as far as I'm concerned. But being unemployed for nearly a month SUCKED without unemployment checks or a freelance gig, which allowed me to continue job hunting for 3 months last Summer without resorting to working retail. So I've decided to take the 2 month pledge at Wardrobe Refashion.

Which means that I am promising not to buy any new pre-made garments. No buying any clothes unless I need them for sports (like a derby uniform or something), or work (I'm going to try and make some cute new work clothes), or unless I buy them from a second hand or thrift store...and I do get one get out of jail free card if I'm bad. And I probably will be.

Let the re-fashioning begin!

1 comment:

Princess Cutie said...

So where is this weekly blog about your refashioning Miss Perry? Inquiring minds want to know!