Thursday, June 12, 2008

Wendy & I are like THIS

Can we pause for a moment and reflect on the awesomeness that is Built by Wendy?

Who else runs a successful clothing company, yet tells you exactly how she goes about making them? And then says "Oh here's the patterns to half my Spring line, by the way." My hero!

Plus her designs are so wearable. Other than that skirt I made from her book which was too small for me (even had I made the largest size, I still think it would have been too tight - yikes!), I've worn everything countless times. But there have never been here they are.

This I sewed last week. It began as an oversized shirt I picked up from Goodwill. I wanted to experiment with the basic crew neck pattern from Sew U: Home Stretch, but didn't want to ruin expensive knit fabric or a shirt I really liked. This is the size small, and I had to size it down a bit from that even to get the fit I wanted. The purple ribbing I found at Goodwill last summer added a nice touch.

Simplicity 3692
I sewed this last Summer when I didn't have a job. The Kiss shirt was originally Joe Lawler's who is awesome and gave me a shitload of his old shirts (thanks Joe!)...the red/black striped knit is from a shirt I found at, where else, Goodwill! I wear this shirt all the time, and it has gotten a lot of attention over the year, especially at derby practices.

Simplicity 3694
I sewed this when I was jobless last Summer as well. The checked fabric was $1/yard Walmart special, and the blue was some cheap broadcloth. I believe I sewed the 2nd from the smallest size. I really love it, but haven't had much of a reason to wear it since it is hawt as bawls here in Vegas :)
One word of warning though - the hood looks REDONK. Seriously. Way too small!

Simplicity 3835
I originally bought this pattern (waaaay before I knew enough to sew a garment) to make the mini dress with 3/4 length sleeves, then saw the genius that is View C - short sleeved, elastic neck/arm openings, loose fitting, just brilliant. The first time I wore it out I got 2 compliments, I took that as a sign that I was onto something with this Built by Wendy stuff. And yes, I sewed this also during the unemployed Summer of '07. Heh.

Oh and by the way, there are 2 new Summer Built by Wendy patterns...I'm DYING to buy them but Joann wasn't carrying them when I stopped by on Monday with that swank $25 gift card from Berkleigh's mom.

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