Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I missed iPod Monday last night

...for the last time. 3rd anniversary, I wasn't there. I just got too stressed out about my portfolio! Last Spring I had an interview at one of the top design firms in Des Moines. Very small staff, highly highly creative, and out of my league. The owner and I share a couple of mutual friends though, so he was very helpful and took me through each piece and told me how it could be better. It's taken me almost a year but I'm working on making these changes as I can. One thing that's helped? MY MACBOOK!!!

Anyway, I spent the evening photographing illustrations from school that I had forgotten about. One thing I was told was that having a random vector image was fine but there wasn't much wow factor involved. He suggested that I lay them out on a page together to display.

So here are some of the fruits of my labor, altogether. I feel like the layout was a little rushed but it's getting down to the wire. Also, there are 4 self portraits. I feel vain. It makes me want to hone my skills even further!

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