Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Summer Dress Fever (I Gots It)

Maybe it's cabin fever or the upcoming move to a warmer climate or just the fact that I have NO time to sew, so OF COURSE all I can think about are freakin summer dresses. There's just something about them, cotton is so fun to sew with and when you wear a handmade dress people notice and give you props. I'm sad that there are no new Built By Wendy patterns out but I'm remaining hopeful for the Summer line because she has another book coming out in May. Since derby practice is cancelled tonight, I'm hitting up Hobby Lobby to buy these.

Yeah, okay, I ALREADY BOUGHT THIS ONE. Geez. But isn't it cute!? Seriously, I could make this tonight and wear it tomorrow over my skinny jeans and boots and it would look just as appropriate as if I made it in lightweight cotton in July. It's the only Project Runway pattern I was taken with, some of the other ones are cute but not as much my style.

I know this is from last year but it took me that long to notice it. For shame! It's so cute! View B looks very work-appropriate, while C is all like, 'here I am, chillin, looking cute'. Not so fond of A. I think it's the sleeves.

Now THIS is kooky - but in a good way. I really can't say for sure that I'll make this. But it's one of those patterns I'll keep looking at until I buy.

Those in the know know that last year I made Vogue 8380 THREE times last Summer. THIS could be that dress, in 2008. Because it's all loves.

Oh! This dress delights me. The idea of tromping around on a hot day wearing this excites me to no end. I have some fabric ideas in mind, too....we'll see.

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