Sunday, February 10, 2008

What I had to buy instead.

With Mission: Relocation underway, I have my first interview scheduled for this Friday. GULP. I haven't needed to look professional since...erm...well nearly two years ago. And I feel so much pressure, granted this isn't for a graphic designer position (production artist), but I really want to look polished and stand out.

Easier said than done. First stop: Banana. I notice how pants are $100 and up. Since when is this the going rate for nice pants??? Holy crap. Lotsa cute stuff, just so much money.

Hmm, let's go to the Gap....geez, everything looks so rumpled and frumpy. Nothing looks polished or sophisticated. Crap.

Umm, how about Express?
Ugh, this is what I saw girls wearing when I shot douchebag bars for Juice! Hmm, their editor pants are okay, but $80? Why spend $80 on a pair of okay-pants when I can buy those pants I REALLY like at Banana for $20 more? How is it that that makes buying $100 pants seem like the rational and smart choice?

So now I'm thoroughly stressed. I leave the mall without buying anything while reprimanding myself, this was my only opportunity to go shopping and I got cold feet and blew it. But I go get my haircut and that fixes my appearance from the shoulders up. A couple of days later, I hit Target. For 22.99 I found a pair of grey pants that were strikingly similar to the ones at Express. Works for me! And thanks to my sister, who picked me up a green cardigan today from J.Crew (my only big purchase), I have a feeling I'll be looking a little something like this:

Smart, right? It's making me wish that my portfolio has the same envelope-style flap, but oh well.

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