Wednesday, February 6, 2008

What I'll be buying when I get pizzaid.

Thanks to my wonderful new Mighty Mouse and the energy bill, I can't make any real purchases for the next couple of days. But it's cool - really - because I'm really doing a very good job of being less of a consumer. Oh, I still have my seasonal splurges at American Apparel and hopefully buying an item or two from Target doesn't count, but seriously I've become so much less focused on labels and trends and can you believe I ran out of MAC foundation like 3 weeks ago and I STILL haven't gone to the mall for a refill? I'm seriously considering just finding a similar shade at Target. AAAND I haven't had a haircut since JUNE!!!! (this coming from a girl who has a serious haircut fetish)...I really want to grow it out for the first time since I was 13 :)

But these t-shirts, oh! They just make me wanna spend. And I think I will, because when can you ever accumulate too many t-shirts?
Oh Threadless, how I love thee! You saved my ass this Christmas with your $10 t-shirt sale when I ran out of gift ideas and my family loved me for it. Maybe this is karma's way of paying me back for getting them awesome gifts from your store. A sweet ass sweet Lorem Ipsum t-shirt. You bet I'm going to be submitting a photo of me wearing this (with my Lorem Ipsum tattoo showing no doubt) to their website. Yeah!

Um, hi. This is me. Note the hat; every year I knit a hat then wear it ALL winter. Granted, I'm trying to grow my hair out as I already mentioned so it looks like crap but aren't hats just fun anyway? Same with the scarf. I wear them and knit them on the regular. I don't care if the cartoon is mocking the knitters who knit to be subversive. It might be. Then again, it might not be. I just like it. Plus Natalie Dee has kind of become my hero recently.

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